Our History 

Outrigger canoe racing is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia but at its core remains the underlying culture of respect for the ocean, and others. This is reinforced by maintaining the simple outrigger design, the use of Hawaiian terms, and canoe traditions. Regular competition regattas are held for OC1 (one person), OC2 (2 person) and OC6 (6 person) outriggers throughout the Southern Queensland Zone of which Panamuna is a member. Panamuna paddlers also compete in highly regarded events both throughout Australia such as the Hawaiian Airlines Sydney Harbour Challange and Internationally. Outrigger racing formats include sprints (500m to 1000m) and marathons (8km to 42km). With some marathon events conducted as change over races where a team of 9 members form an OC6 crew changing paddlers during the race.


In 1991 businessman Keith Williams donated two outrigger canoes to Iron man Champion Grant Kenny in a bid to win the Hamilton Island Cup. This was the beginning of the Panamuna Outrigger Canoe Club. Over the years Panamuna has grown to be one of the most successful and competitive outrigger canoe clubs in Australia today. Panamuna members are renowned for their competitive and team spirit and the opportunity exists for teams of all ages to race throughout Australia and the World.

“Of humankind’s inventiveness in the challenge to travel near or far, the canoe was, to the cultures of Oceania, what the wheel was to western culture. As a mode of transportation its impact and significance was on the grandest of scales.” Steve West – Kanu Culture

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